What semihollow?

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  1. carlescountry

    I hope shortly to have a semihollow guitar. My preferences are Kurt's guitars: D'Angelico Nyss-3, Sadowsky semi or Moffa Lorraine or Dark Lorraine. Can anyone tell me something about the sound differences between them? I want a jazz guitar but also versatile. Thank you very much.

  2. Sandemose

    Dont forget Höfner: http://www.gbase.com/files/store_images/gear/2186028/p1_ugfyhluuu_so.jpg

    Or Ibanez: http://media.photobucket.com/image/Ibanez%20semi%20hollow/williambudapest/AS-80betterlight.jpg

    If I could chose, I would go for the Moffa. The best sounding guitars Ive ever heard. Even if I never tried one. I guess I would cry for days if I couldnt buy it :(

    Best, Sandemose

  3. jbroad

    my favorites are the collings semi hollows:



    the sadowsky semi hollow is really nice as well and can cover a lot of ground musically

  4. carlescountry

    Yes, all the guitars what you recommend are great instruments.

    I am a big fan of D'Angelico Vestax, but lately I've fallen in love with Moffa. Aesthetically they are very beautiful, and sound clips of your website are wonderful.

  5. denjz

    These 3 guitars you mentioned are very different:
    Sadowsky semi is the closest to the traditional semi-hollow design a-la Gibson 335 in terms of woods and construction : it has laminated maple top and body and a center block.To my ears it sounds like a very good 335,maybe a little more "refined"...
    Moffa's Dark Lorraine ,on the other hand,is much closer to the jazz archtop,as far as the sound and construction goes: although it's a thinline,it's truly hollow (no center block),and it has solid carved spruce top,which is used in most archtop jazz guitars. All this gives it much richer fuller tone and makes it ,IMHO,the best choice for jazz.Lorraine has a maple top,which gives it much brighter tone with more sustain.
    The D'Angelico kind of falls in between the above ,it has a spruce top that gives it richer harmonics and a maple center block that gives it a long sustain.It's also the heaviest of all three.
    Hofner and Collings are great too.
    I'll give you another one to make it even harder ;) You might want to check out this guy:
    John Abercrombie and Sheryl Bailey use his semi-hollows and they sound fantastic to my ears.There are some demos on his website.
    I myself have a Victor Baker semi-hollow,it's also a great sounding axe.
    Good luck!

  6. carlescountry

    Thank you for your long answer, denjz. What beautiful guitars the Victor Baker and the McCurdy (the demos sound great)! I knew them by name, but had not visited their websites.

    Now the choice is very complicated. Luckily (or not) I still have to wait some time. But with their answers I'm getting an idea of the differences between the three guitars that I have said, and new suggestions. Again, thanks!

  7. Colonel Trane

    I have a D'angelico NYSS and I love it. It plays so beautifully and has a lot of tones to come out of it. Shortly after I bought mine my friend bought one and his is fantastic too. They are hard to find now though I don't believe they still make them.

  8. carlescountry

    I have two D'Angelico by Vestax, an archtop and solidbody, and are very great guitars, with the best neck I have ever tasted.

    D'Angelico Vestax are still made your guitars in Japan, but it seems that currently there is a problem with the rights to the brand D'Angelico, and neither are currently available in Europe. In the USA some time ago what the brand D'Angelico sells the guitars made in Korea, which have nothing to do with those manufactured In Japan by Vestax.

  9. The following is an exhaustive list of semihollows that might answer some of your queries.


    And yes, GAS* can be treated.

    *GAS = guitar acquisition syndrome

  10. hello,
    I'm from France, sorry for my english.
    I think that is very difficult for a luthier to match the quality of a Gibson high end. Vintage or new. Decades of experience means a lot.
    I've forgotten in a humid and cold country house for a winter a Gibson L-4 and a luthier Super 400 copy.
    The Super 400 had the neck bowed and the truss rod broken while the L-4 after a week in a city flat with correct humidity was perfect.
    Said that, I've have two Sadowsky (JH and Semi-Hollow) a Moffa Lorraine and one Epi Elitist Byrdland (not properly a semi hollow).
    Two L-5, one L-4 and a D'Aquisto New Yorker replica.
    The neck of the L-5 2002 Hutchins is incredible and only the Sadowsky are on the same high level.
    The Sadowsky semi hollow is a great guitar with a lot of knowledge in every aspect. Is very well balanced unlike the Moffa that is neck heavy.
    I think is the one of the best guitar today.
    The Epi and the Moffa have the spruce top and both have a great tone plugged straight to the amp. The tone of the Epi is very close to the L-5 with some mids-high very nice.

  11. carlescountry

    Thanks Valdina for the link. I already knew, and always interesting the opinions of Jack Zucker.

    Thanks jacky by explain your experience. Nevertheless, I think now there are many luthiers who can compete with Gibson at the time of making great guitars.


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