what would you ask Kurt?

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  1. Basile865

    Ranlu I'm dyin ova heeya! Unleash the secrets of the fretboard universe! : )

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  2. fakejake

    Hey guys,
    what happened with this thread? Did I miss something? Can't wait to get some of the answers!

  3. JorgeRubiales

    AFAIK ranlu hasn't been on this thread, so nothing new yet...

  4. david6strings

    i was there and i dont know what to say, what i could understand is the concept of playing diferent sonoritys by playing sounds of the scale. like you played not the chord but parts of them and something else. like if you insinuate the general sound you want to be hearing playing it in little parts. the aproach for this...maybe he said, you can finger a small voicing you are already confortable with and watch what and how many fingers are free in your fretting hand and where they can go, so a very phisical visual aproach.
    if i understand well, it isn't so different than the barry galbraith comping style is. so a little voicing and then maybe a double stop, the two structures gives you and overall sound.
    that was interesting to me. another things were said but this is what i liked the most.

  5. Instead of a question i would like to offer kurt ( and you all )a simple recipe for an almost all purpose little sauce i use .
    *Sriracha ( that ubiquitous hot sauce found in many asian restaurants in the clear tube with picture of a rooster and green squirt top ).
    *maple syrup ( prefferably hippy good stuff ).
    ... Thats it! Play with ratios you like to find the balance or inbalance you prefer.
    I brush it on chicken ( or tofu ) and bake it. Sometimes in cooking it loses a little potency so i renew the treatment when its done ( but do not double dip the brush if using meats; set a second one and tool aside so as to not mix with raw meat stuff ).

    ... I discovered this when i took home some samosas and had no sauce.
    Take care everybody!

  6. JorgeRubiales

    Didn't get that one floatingbridge. Some kind of joke? Sometimes language can be a....

  7. jazznan

    Sounds delicious, I love maple syrup and hot sauce, so yeah, I'm down.

  8. InWalked

    A great variation of the beer can chicken is to substitute a can of Diet Sprite instead of beer and use a spicy glaze on the bird. Tremendous balance of the sweet lime and the hot rub. Also good with turkey.

  9. sandman

    Ranlu, please save us...look what we have resorted!!

    But I should say you might also try sriracha, honey, and a bit of balsamic vinegar for a sauce...egad what am I saying!?


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