whats the name of the stuff that can power a Amp in the Subway

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  1. Azraelwave

    Hello everyone, happy new year!!
    Im living in NYC,just hit up with a saxophone player going to play in Subway station ,I have a fender pro jr ,I'm looking for some kind of battery supply that can power up the amp for few hours ,I don't know where to get what is the name of it,Ive thought about Roland miccube ,but i wanna better and louder sound ,so I wanna get my fender there .thanks guys !!

  2. bingefeller

    I think you're looking for a portable electric generator.

  3. JorgeRubiales

    i don't think any battery will hold up a few hours. The ones I've seen are powered by diesel motors, but they're noisy, heavy and kind of clumsy to carry around.

  4. TruthHertz

    I use a Roland Street. More power, 2 speakers, pretty light and it has some nice effects right in it. I also built a little aux battery pack, puts 6 batteries in series and I can use rechargeable batteries, so my battery budget is nil. I did have to get a rechargeable battery set and a recharger but once that's done, a set of 6 D's plugged into the Street has never run low even at a decent level all day.
    Roland made an earlier predecessor to the Street, the Micro Cube RX, it had 4 little speakers to it, and was like the cube with more features and much more sound. If you can find one of those, it was the best subway amp I've come across. Same battery arrangement as the Street. You can build/get a 6xD battery pack and plug it.
    As far as a portable AC amp, what you need to get portable AC power is no longer in the realm of portable. The smallest I've seen involves a converter and lots of car batteries. It's not easy to get ready 120v AC to go.

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