what's your least favorite kurt rosenwinkel song?

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  1. cruxtable

    a new album release spurs on waaay too much positivity. so...what's your least favorite kurt rosenwinkel song ever?

  2. jbroad

    highway to hell

  3. Poparad

    At most jazz jams, to protest the fact that there seems to be a requirement that each and every song includes a simultaneous cadenza involving all members on stage on the final chord, I usually wait until everyone has blown their load and then tag on the end an instrumental "On the highway to hell...."

  4. Poparad

    It still blows my mind that Kurt's the bass player on the first two Marcy Playground albums. I remembering listening to the first album in high school, way before I ever got into jazz or even had an inkling of what jazz even was. An ironic full circle, of sorts.

  5. contremisart

    master of puppets

  6. cruxtable

    i don't think any of you guys are naming kurt rosenwinkel songs

  7. contremisart

    Poparad are you sure of this information? Which albums are they exactly?

  8. guitarmo

    Gangnam style.

  9. cruxtable

    in case anyone is interested. maybe a slightly different take:

  10. jbroad

    contremisart- NO WAY! master of puppets is one of kurt's best. it's much better than enter sandman

  11. patfarlow

    I dislike the entire OJM album, star of jupiter is awesome though.

  12. Dorian Grey

    My least favorite Kurt tune is really "Barbie Girl"!

  13. Dorian Grey

    patfarlow: what do you dislike about "Our Secret World" ? I think it's an amazing record! Just curious...

  14. Poparad

    contremisart: I read he'd played with them when they were first signed, but didn't officially join because he was busy with his own stuff. He's listed on the credits for their second album, Shapeshifter.

  15. patfarlow

    @Dorian Grey Firstly, I have a bias which is, I dont like big bands. Secondly, I feel the album sounds like a harsh, tinny brass band featuring Kurt Rosenwinkel. I like Kurt with trios and quartets because he has more room sonically to expand and contract. I honestly felt all those horns detract, rather than contribute anything pleasant to me.

    If it was Kurt featuring a string quartet, that would be lovely to me.

  16. Poparad

    A string quartet! That would be really cool! Yeah, I'm not as much a fan of the big band album. There's nothing wrong about the way it was done that I would critique, I just don't care for it for some reason.


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