When (and more importantly) where will "Reflections" be available online?

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  1. Krish

  2. wommusic
    Key Master

    Yeah, hear you - well, our target date is Nov. 7 and as to the where it will be right from this website either as a download or as a CD. We will make it available on iTunes and perhaps a couple of other such services later as well, but if you want to buy the CD you will have to do so through this site.

    Sorry to keep you waiting a little while longer, and thanks for your interest!

  3. After reading some of the reviews, I couldn't help but wonder: What about all the recorded tracks that aren't being released? Is there any way that in the future we could maybe have these tracks available online for a fee, say a few bucks a song or less? I'm sure I speak for the rest of us when I say that I'd definitely pay to have as many tracks from the Reflections studio session as possible.

    Any chance of this ever happening, Anders, or are we destined to live life only imagining "what could have been?"

  4. c0ltrane

    According to one of the articles posted, "Inner Urge" and that Larry Young blues tune ( I forget the name) are not included

  5. It's "Backup," initially off the record Into Somethin'. Killer version of it on the Rotterdam bootleg from 2008.

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  6. Sandemose

    Michael wrote: Any chance of this ever happening, Anders, or are we destined to live life only imagining "what could have been?"

    Isnt that what always happens when a record is being made? Some stuff get on it, some dont. I would also like to buy those tracks that didnt get on the record. But if Kurt feel that those tracks just dont fit, or wont cut it, its not that strange if they┬┤re never being released. Sad I guess :)

    I sure got curious about that "Inner Urge" take from reading the article...maybe will end up on another record...Standards vol. 2?

    Best, Sandemose

  7. wommusic
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    It's really too soon to say what will happen with those extra tracks that were recorded but are not included on this album. I think the appropriateness of releasing those - or not - will become apparent over time.

  8. yeah anders, us greedy little kurtheads want it all ... particularly after reading milkowski's report on the recording sessions, it's hard to accept those additional tracks vanishing into the vapor. but i'll guess we'll all feel better when nov. 7 rolls around.

  9. wommusic
    Key Master

    Haha - 1st things 1st! ;-)

  10. monk

    cant wait man!

  11. hitdoggie

    Mr. Wommusic....I will be the impatient fan and ask is this album still on for release here today?

  12. Sandemose

    Hitdoggie: second that. Im buying it the same second its up.

  13. we want it! we want it!

  14. Redbeard

    Are there bonus tracks on the Japanese release by Video Arts Music?

  15. rovano

    Hello there mr Tidemann, post from Belgium here,...
    The japanese VideoArtsMusic site says the Reflections cd will be released on 18th of november. Is this true?


  16. wheres the new album at?


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