When is Kurt going to release, a dvd lesson or a book??

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  1. JPMike

    The title says it all, I really want to see one of these getting released. Even if it's about technique, theory, harmony, etc.

    Maybe Kurt can give us some light about this.

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  2. patfarlow

    im predicting a vague answer. followed by folks angry with my answer.

  3. jazznan

    I can't wait for this either...like all of us, we're one pins and needles for it...but Kurt's a busy guy, so I understand the delay and probably his desire to release something of high quality. But he has an eager audience for music and a book, just sayin' :)

  4. madsrh

    I'm really looking forward to this book myself! I've written a post about it on my site, so if anyone has any updated information - please let me know!


  5. patfarlow

    i like!

  6. contremisart

    Forgive me for recommending this, if it will come out inappropriate.

    But what do you think of the idea of converting this book process to something like a kickstarter project? I mean if the finance is an issue shouldn't the guitar nerds all around the world give a push to this book? Or maybe something like artist share too, we give our support and in return maybe have a glimpse of what Kurt has already done for the book. Am I fantasizing ?

  7. madsrh

    It's a good idea, but I don't think that's the issue here. I think it would feels very unsatisfactory to ship a product that is only 3/4 done. Don't get me wrong, I would gladly donate to a Rosenwinkel kickstarter project. There's also a certain pride involved with the release of something that has your name on it.
    Based on what I know about Kurt, I am quite convinced that this book, when it's 100% completed, will be as important for guitarists as Mark Levine Jazz Piano book is to many piano players.

  8. patfarlow

    it would be cool to see see one page preview :)

  9. guitar1025

    The picture above is not real (it even says so on the website). I got really excited when I saw it but I found out it wasn't real when I followed the link.

  10. patfarlow

    I was referring to the material Kurt has written so far, not the fictional book. He said he was about 70% done I believe.


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