Where to start with learning classical pieces for guitar Bach ect..

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  1. jazzacast55

    Hi Guys,

    I'm currently about to go on holidays from work and will have some spare time and really want to get into learning some classical pieces on guitar, an example being the Bach piece, Air.
    Any help is appreciated, recommendations of books, youtube channels, online lesson would be great.
    I would consider myself an advanced guitarist, mostly worked on Jazz.
    I'm looking to get in to some classical for something different, it's something I've wanted to do for a while and love listening to but wasn't sure where to start.
    Thanks guys

  2. The violin partitas and sonatas

  3. Gia5

    Get the complete transcriptions from lute, there are many versions. The suites are difficult but not impossible. And there are some preludes that are pretty easy.
    I love having some Bach under my finger. Last summer I practiced the fugue 1000. So helpful. Fingers get stronger.

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  4. TruthHertz

    Do check out the lute works of Sylvius Leopald Weiss. I've been listening to his music a lot, and to my ear, he's more lyrical than Bach and his counterpoint is in the same league.


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    I find a lot of his stuff for free online.

  5. Speaking of which ( and this thread has reminded me ) I meant to buy this after hearing it last summer on the radio... Have any of you heard Kurt ┬┐rodamer? 's recording of the Goldberg variations ... Shit , maybe it was Brandenburg ... Anyways, he had two guitars built for it( to play the lower parts as they are) . Granted, it is two tracks but that doesn't strip anything from the dude's sheer musicality in the daunting task of interpreting this work. It is sooooo beautiful to hear this stuff on guitar. Paul Galbraith is also quite sick! Sorry, for the tangent.

  6. His name is actually Kurt Rodarmer

  7. Pauli Poulsen

    Check out fernando sor's 20 studies for guitar. The pieces range from easy to more difficult, and often focus on a specific technique, and are yet quite enjoyable to listen to.

  8. docbop

    Not tunes, but a set of right hand exercises that are fun and can be applied to any style music, but were written for the classical player.


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