Which Chorus and Tremolo pedals Kurt uses??

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  1. JPMike

    Guys, you know which Chorus and Tremolo pedals Kurt uses??

    I think he uses an Empress Tremolo and a Dr. Scientist Tremoloessence but I am not sure about the chorus pedal.

  2. bingefeller

    I posted a video here -


    Sorry I can't link you directly to it as I'm in work and Youtube is blocked. That video shows a pretty good shot of his pedalboard so you should be able to identify it if you pause the video at the right moment :)

  3. kurtisrosenwinkel

    t.c chorus, dr. scientist and empress trems. i think i prefer the empress...

  4. JPMike

    Then I am getting an Empress, even though I was close on a deal for a Dr. Scientist.

    Thanks for answering to me, Kurt. :D

    Kurt, would you mind if I ask you one more thing?? Which volume pedals do you recommend??

    @bingefeller Thanks for your answer too. :D


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