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Which Kurt solos did you transcribe? (and transcriptions)

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    Hi !

    I was wondering : which Kurt solos did you transcribe? I have to admit that I've never transcribe a whole Kurt solo. I did transcribe some "licks" or some stuffs that I liked but for the most part I transcribed older guys (Dexter, Miles, Wes, some Parker, ...). I've never felt enough comfortable with bebop to feel prepared for Kurt's stuffs.
    Now when I listen to something like "Path of the heart", I'm like "what the hell he is playing???"

    My question is pure curiosity too : I wonder which solos of Kurt did you find really interesting to learn and why? what did you get out of them?

    I'm sure I can learn a ton about melodic minor, triads, pentatonics etc...

    bonus question : who are the musician that you transcribe the most ?

    Magical rainbow ponies
  2. Sandemose

    I never transcribed a whole solo. I did some of Keith Jarrett trio works (Standards I, II) but never wrote it out. Im a terrible transcriber. Im an emberessment for this board, haha. I still recommend Jeremey Poparads site...there you find quite some Kurt material that you can dig into.

    Best, Sandemose

  3. Matt

    I did the whole first part of Lester Young's solo on 'Ad Lib Blues', Miles on 'So What', and am kinda working on Kurt's solo on 'Minor Blues'.
    I can post PDFs of these if anyone wants one (and i figure out how to make them PDFs)

  4. I transcribed a bit of "Blue Line". Beautiful melodies in that solo. The head was also tough to transcribe, in my opinion. I also transcribe a lot of Jim Hall stuff (I

    d Be So Nice To Come Home To...) Jim Hall
    m concerned.

  5. Colonel Trane

    I did some of Use Of Light I didn't write it out though. Some interesting things just in how he develops that solo.

  6. Quintricacy

    I transcribed Kurt's solo on Vertigo by Daniel Szabo but I didn't write it up. This year I did Coltrane's solo on The Night Has a 1000 Eyes, I have that one written down and I recorded it too. Dave Liebman got to hear it and put it up on his transcription section of his website! Here's a youtube video of me playing it.

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  7. Matt

    I actually love the info on Dave's site, and noticed that he a had a guitarist playing that solo, then noticed you posted yourself playing it here. I wondered if it was the same person...

  8. I transcribed Little White Lies from start to finish a few years back. I should relearn that tune, the whole solo(s) is(are) really cool!

  9. jazznan

    Any chance of getting a pdf of that Coltrane solo Quintricacy? thanks

  10. Quintricacy

    Here you go. I'm not sure if it's 100 percent correctly written out but it's mostly correct.


  11. jazznan

    Thanks very much!

  12. jazznan

    repost sorry

  13. arewolfe

    I transcribed the solo to Blue Line in '04. I have it somewhere printed out.

    Transcribed many others, but never finished them.

  14. g_2_the_izzo

    Intuit was one of the first jazz albums that I ever owned. I never really 'transcribed' it per se, but at one point I was able to play along with all of Kurt's solos on the album.

    My problem with doing transcriptions is that I can hear and play the music pretty well (although I might have some mistakes/errors in it) but it takes me forever to figure out the rhythms and, hence, it makes the process of writing the solo down unbelievably painful. One day I'll work on my rhythm reading problems, but, right now, my difficulties seem so overwhelming that I just keep setting it aside to take on smaller, more tractable problems.

    Anyway, I really liked that Coltrane solo. I think I might work on that, thanks for the link.


  15. Hi, i've just signed up here although I was registered in the old forum and ocasionally posted something there.
    I think I might know some posters from other forums (Sandemose, where you in the old GtrObq forums?).
    I've been reading here a lot and appreciate your contributions.
    I've wrote some Ben Monder's and Bill Frisell solo transcriptions. If anyone is interested in them just let me know. I've got to re-write them in the computer but i was looking for an excuse to do that... so... thanks.

    P.s.: Sorry about my english, it's not my native language.

    Very best from Argentina.

  16. jazznan

    I would love to see your Frisell transcriptions, how can I get them from you?

  17. Matt

  18. Of course. As I told before, I have to write them in the computer.

    What software would be the easiest to transcribe from my sheets to the Mac?


  19. jseaberry

    Hello, One and All. I also just joined this forum, and it looks like some spectacular stuff going on here. And Wasane, if it is OK, I would also like to have a copy of your transcriptions, please? Thank you and thank you all.

  20. Matt

    Wasane - thanks so much for this. Maybe i can send you a transcription if you're interested...

    I'd say you can just scan the hand-written (if you have that). otherwise, i use finale most of the time. I would recommend getting it free, if you know what i mean.

  21. Ok guys, I'm already working in those sheets. I think I'll have them in this week. I'll let you know.

  22. Sandemose

    @wasane, cool of you to sign up again, you´re most welcome. What is "GtrObq"? Thanks for sharing transcriptions as well, thats awesome.

    @jseaberry, nice to have you on board, and yup, this place is tha shit.

    wasane, could you upload the transcriptions with a link instead of mailing it? That way we all could get it :)

    All the best, Sandemose

  23. jseaberry

    Thank you, this forum is spectacular!

  24. jseaberry

    Speaking of transcriptions, have you seen these?


  25. Yeah, I was thinking of doing that. Just uploading them to a server like mediafire or sendspace...

  26. Poparad

    The only solo of Kurt's that I've transcribed is "Chords" from "The Remedy." I've transcribed a bunch of his tunes, though.

  27. Kapteinar

    Share share share! :)
    I would love some transcriptions of his tunes.

  28. Poparad


  29. jseaberry

    I have championed Jeremey's fine work for a long time; he's Top Of The Heap!!

  30. Wow, thanks Poparad. Great work!

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