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Which Kurt solos did you transcribe? (and transcriptions)

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  1. mrzzajjazz

    The only Kurt solo I have transcribed is "Inner Urge" which I posted here earlier.. It's one heck of a solo! I can't find the whole video on youtube anymore though, just a segment which is called Kirk Rosenwinkel, Inner Urge. Must be his twin brother playing the same song!

    All the best


  2. Pascau

    I transcribed Kurt's solo on "The Next Step" off of Deep song. Edit: Just uploaded it to my site, you can download it here:


    Edit: Also, thanks for posting all those transcription on your site Poparad. Awesome!

  3. mds90

    I've just transcribed a J. Kreisberg solo. (I don't put expression symbols, probably there are some mistakes)
    Enjoy !


  4. jazznan

    i've seen a Laura transcription here as well: http://www.camilovelandia.com/transcriptions.html

  5. I transcribed Kurt on Mark Turner's "Jacky's Place" off of the album Dharma Days. the only part that's given me trouble is the run that starts at 2:53. will write out soon and try to post!

    Magical rainbow ponies
  6. filters

    boptocontemp : yes ! I'm interested.... what a beautiful solo

  7. jseaberry

    That's a nice site you found for Camilo Velandia! He was a student of Tom Lippincott's, who is a fine musician, and has contributed to the Google discussion group as well as some work for Mike's Masterclasses; nice pedigrees in this little network!!

  8. rodolfoap


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