Who wants Kurt's Solo Guitar album?

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  1. rustyair


    Either it's just one guitar or with all effects such as hog, freezer, octave, whatever that is, I would buy it in a heartbeat.

    Regardless Kurt is working on it or not, Who wants Kurt's Solo Guitar album?

  2. arewolfe

    I would love to hear KR do some traditional standards as solo pieces.

  3. docbop

    I'm with you on that a solo album of half standard on pure guitar no effects, then half his own material in a solo style.

  4. fakejake

    I'm sure you all know this, but there's a podcast of Kurt's solo performance at the Monvinic Experience. Amazing playing, decent audio quality and almost the length of an album.

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  5. madsrh

    Kurt as a soloist or in duo / trio is the shit and I want it!
    No guitarist comes even close to being such a chord wizzard. His tone, piano-like comping and beautiful lines are amazing. East Coast Love Affair and Reflections are truly great examples of this.

    Sign me up another trio album ;-)

  6. arewolfe

    I have this feeling that the new Kreisberg solo record, "One," is going to be a milestone in solo jazz guitar playing. I really like it when guitarists keep time and maintain a feel while playing alone. So many of us just float around and, in my opinion, overuse the opportunity to play without time. It's fun to dig into the harmony, and to let certain moments resonate... There's nothing wrong with playing rubato through a form. But I think the rhythmic aspect of solo jazz guitar has a long way to go. I'm not saying this to downplay what Joe Pass has done. I'm just saying that there is a lot of unexplored territory for solo jazz guitarists when it comes to rhythm.

    Kurt playing "These Foolish Things..." at the NGW clinic is a perfect example of what's possible. I hope he does a solo record at some point because clearly that type of stride playing will push the boundaries of solo jazz guitar. I'm convinced the new Kreisberg record is going to do that, too.

  7. contremisart

    I don't need a record. I want to see him live more and more and more...

  8. fakejake

    Here's a brand new one for y'all:

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  9. JPMike

    I would buy anything Kurt releases... So, I want!!

  10. madsrh

    arewolf -> Kreisberg is great. I've attended one of his clinics and own a few of his albums.
    Sadly I always feel that his playing is very mechanical and sounds rehearsed, as opposed to Kurts very organic playing.
    To me Krisebergs playing is always very impressive - not moving, just impressive ;-)
    Anyway, just my personal 2 cent.

  11. wilmore

    I agree that Kurts chord playing is great and very lyrical but besides dominant subs, it's harmonically pretty tame. I don't think it's fair to say no guitarist can come close. Ben Monder, in my opinion, has a much broader harmonic spectrum when improvising chord melody over a standard. Also, Ted Greene(RIP) was/is in a league of his own. Anyway, I too would love to hear a solo record from Kurt!!

  12. arewolfe

    madsrh: I agree with you. Kreisberg, in general, doesn't do much for me other than make me go "holy shit," because of his virtuosity. His soloing and his music don't take me anywhere emotional or inspiring. I don't even own any of his records and have never felt the desire to go out and buy one until now. I have heard some of his solo stuff and it really drew me in (unlike his trio/quartet playing). As someone who plays a lot of solo guitar, I'm very excited to hear his new record.


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