Why do people take pictures of the floor?

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  1. TruthHertz

  2. Perhaps to take pictures of a pedalboard or placement of things or a picture of the guitar resting on the amp so they can later show proof of a goal realized by posting pics on Instagram or Facebook

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  6. mikelorenz

    I understand someone that isn't a guitar player asking this question but I'm surprised that you guys are responding like this is some bizarre fetish of nerdy guitar players. I for one am curious to know how someone like Kurt creates some of the sounds he does live or on record.

    Think of the beginning of Star of Jupiter, didn't you hear that and think to yourself "whoa, how is this coming out of a guitar?!" Taking a quick picture of something as innocuous as a pedalboard is merely a form of curiosity. I saw Bill Frisell and Pat Metheny last year and did the same thing you guys are talking about. How did Bill Frisell create those floating chords that slid in and out of his loops? How did Pat Metheny control that crazy Orchestrion thing behind him?!

    I've visited the Gear Page and do understand that folks on there get a little crazy about "who uses what pedals" but it can be a good resource and lets be real, someone was just asking what kind of picks Kurt uses on this forum...all these things are personal preference but asking/researching doesn't really hurt anyone.

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  8. jazzny

    Why? The same reason you see people on this forum obsessing over his pedals, guitar, what neck pickup he currently has, what strings he uses, what freaking CABLES he uses (sigh), and so on - Rather than talking about music or playing it. Gear talk is much easier ;) I bet there are quite a few people who can recreate his rig, but would struggle making simple melodies over a ii V I. Just sayin.....

  9. blah and blah and lots of blah

  10. jazzny

    You ever see that episode of American Dad where Stan gets into My Morning Jacket? Your reply reminds me of that.

    I'm just kidding around man, chill out. Guitar players get hooked on gear, it's a fact of life. We all do or did at one point. You don't hear piano or sax players doing that ;)

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  12. smoke

    You don't hear piano or sax players doing that ;)

    Ever heard sax players arguing about how their neck straps impact their tone? It gets really nasty. Don't even get them started on mouthpieces. Seriously.

    Piano players do seem to be more laid back about stuff though. Most of them I play with are just happy to have the piano be in tune. I guess the fact you can't really buy a bunch of pianos helps limit that stuff?

    It is all good. Take a pic, post it, rant online, puke all over a ii-V, etc. Who cares? Do what you do and have fun.

    Deleting my posts even though they seem pretty benign because there is too much negativity. Not my deal.

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