Why I love Kreisberg so much...

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  1. jazznan

    Man I love Arvo Part's music!

    I remember reading a Brad Mehldau interview where he talks about his band and other musicians sittin' around and discussing and having friendly arguments about who was the best tenor player etc...I think you can say, this cat is better than that one, and i love this guy, and that guys just alright, but still respect them all....I think we're all trying to get closer to making good music, have fun with it, cheers!

  2. jazznan

    repost sorry

  3. jbroad

    you guys are missing one thing: the thing that separates cats like kurt, brian blade, chris cheek, and dave binney from the rest of their peers is their writing. you can take a tune like "use of light" and just play the tune without any embelishment and it's complete. much like the miles davis quintet did with "nefertiti" by wayne shorter. i hear a lot of younger guys that can play their asses off but most of their songs just sound like they wrote a bunch of vehicles to blow on. just my 2 cents though.

  4. Sandemose

    jbroad: you are spot on. "i hear a lot of younger guys that can play their asses off but most of their songs just sound like they wrote a bunch of vehicles to blow on. just my 2 cents though." <---That is excatly how I see it. You throw a bunch of hip chords in, add 7/8 time signature, add water and cryptic title ("Untitled?") and you are ready to go. Writing music, as you said, is what separates musicians from each other. Therefor I dig Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains probably most of all guitarist. AiC latest album is by far the best record released last year.

    Best, Sandemose

  5. jazznan

    good point, kurt's writing is pretty sweet! (understatement;) I think that's what also makes mehldau so influential

  6. Quintricacy

    "Joe O'C'Callaghan on Ronan Guilfoyles Microclimate (wish I could find more of Joe)"

    Ronan is my dad, are you Irish? Joe is indeed a killer player.

  7. andyjazz

    Man, I can't believe anyone on Kurt's board could be ripping Adam Rogers. The guy is one of the most complete musicians, not only guitarists, on the planet. The guy's got it all in my opinion. The new Alex Sipiagin with him on it is killing. Damn!!!!

  8. animitta

    I dig and respect Adam Rogers, as a great musician and terrific guitarist.

    I think he tecnically has the best left hand i have ever seen. A GREAT economic use of all the fingers. Probabilly it come from his classical background. Sure this is not the only thing he has : ).

    Actually i already sent some Adam's link in a post before on this same thread.

    But to celebrate, something more : )

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    All the Best

  9. InWalked

    not sure I understand animitta's statement that Adam Rogers is a "terrible" guitarist.

  10. animitta

    @InWalked : Sorry, i did a mistake, i wanted to mean "terrific", in a good way, an exceptional guitarist.
    Excuse me but i am not english mother language and so i did a bad translation : )

    BTW : i did the correction of the previous post.

    All the Best

  11. InWalked

    the original post was very positive regarding Adam Rogers so the "terrible" didn't quite add up. thanks.

  12. Conway


    Not Irish. Im American but, I came across that album after I came across your dad's Creative Rhythmic Concepts. The book is still a bit heavy for me with the time I have to use it but, I really love that album. Let me know if you know of any more stuff with Joe on it.

    Your dad is a talented man.

  13. Hate to be a buzz kill but I know we are all gonna die so having a finite amount of time perhaps is the thing that makes us value our taste so much. Ultimately, I find taste to be limiting me. I generally talk to other musician friends who have deeply checked out musics that I haven't in order to steer me in a new direction. I get into things and burn out on them and move on and/ or eventually revisit things or not. Let's face it , all these peeps can "swing" and "groove" hard or they wouldn't have gotten the work that they have. As for their personal explorations it's exactly that - they are looking for other things, and if that doesn't jive with you at the moment then it doesn't . If I am looking for mean Indian food no amount of the best sushi ever will be fulfilling , period. The day I say " that's the guy"; " this is the way to play" I think it's over for me. I find this polemic of intellectual versus groove or feel really tiring. I am shocked monder and miller are mentioned so briefly and impassing. While I find Lionel loueke great I can't help but feel that he is somewhat ggarnering attention because of his tenure with herbie hancock ( which gives those afflicted with schooliosis the PERMISSION to open up and like him, check him out and moreover get some of his stuff under their fingers- since this seems to be the direction dujour to go in), otherwise we would be exposed to and discussing " world music players" of lesser repute than those found in a disc you can get with a frappucino or we would be talking about gamelan music etc. As far as the groove thing, if that was my only qualifier for something to listen to I would still be smoking pot with my highschool friends letting the battery die in the car because we had to listen to zepellin II or frizzle fry for the 100000 time.

  14. Conway


    I had heard of Tim Miller but never listened to him until you spoke of him. I dig him, a lot. That guy grooves. Thanks for the tip.

    I had never heard of Lionel until I happend upon a clinic he was giving and found him to be interesting and inspiring and filled with intellectual groove so, I cant comment on your emotional downward spiral about him and coffee shop cds.

    Nobody is trashing intellectual players its just that when you want to let loose and have fun and be inspired you want groove (or a fun concert, hip-hop at a club, a movie.) And when you want to learn, be inspired, grow your brain you can dig on intellectual tunes. (or a text book, or politics or religion.)

    Some players lean one direction more than other directions, in peoples opinion, and people where expressing that so dont get worried about killing peoples buzz. I think we all have a pretty good grasp on whats going on. No hype buzzing in our ears guideing us to what we will say is hip.

    Dont take it so personal. Or maybe lay off the intellectual for a bit and go shake your ass.

  15. jbroad

    the reason that lionel is great is because he is a one- of- a- kind musician. he is not a "world" musician or a "jazz" musician. he is what ellington called "beyond category". he is the only musician that i've ever heard that plays the way he does. herbie can hire anyone he wants and he chose lionel- that should tell you something.

  16. He is great! I have seen him and felt super moved by his playing. Yes, I should shake my ass. It wasn't meant as an attack on herbie hancock or Lionel loueke , more of a gripe with academia and marketing. I'm not sure I questioned anyone's grasp on anything. As far as taking things personally I guess I like to defend certain things that are often deemed " intellectual " or don't see why this gives something such a pejorative connotation or why that inherently means that a work or a modality with these qualities are often automatically deemed as devoid of " feeling " or a capacity to move someone and that this doesn't also deserve attention and serve a function.
    I don't mean to sound like I'm championing this super crucial thing- it was an observation and an opinion. Perhaps it came off as to vehement or prickly. I agree , I should shake my ass.

  17. Quintricacy

    I'm still not so sure what you mean by the academia but when someone as unique as Loueke appears on the scene you know labels are going to jump on that straight away. But what's good is that he hasn't changed anything since he move to Blue Note, if you've checked out his releases on Oblique Sound such as Gilfema, he's playing the same way he always had and some of the tunes he's been playing have appeared on all of his album.

  18. jazznan

    When the first Gilfema album came out, I loved it........I read an article where he was talking about wanting to sound a certain way, but couldn't quiet get there because of the lack of time-he wished he had more time to play etc...

  19. horg

    Hey first post on these forums, although I've been reading pretty much everything I've seen here for the past week.

    Quintricacy - I just wanted to agree with your comment about Lionel Loueke. I also find him to be one of the most interesting players out there right now. It's a shame there isn't more of him on youtube though.

    As for the other guys, I must say that the two players amongst them who interest me the most other than Loueke have to be Nir Felder and Gilad. I think JK is a great player, but he never seems to keep my interest for long. That's probably just me though :(

  20. sergiojl

    Nelson Veras is superb, what a player! But I don't hear jazz when I hear his music. Someone can say that other players are Wes clones, Kurt clones or whatever but I think that their music grow from tradition, they contribute with new things to the way of jazz.

  21. contremisart

    Hello people. I know he is not what you call a jazz player but Erkan Ogur is my absolutely favorite musician. Not just a guitar player, an inventor too and possibly the nicest individual on the planet:)
    I think this duo can give you an idea. The song is originally a folk song but this is his arrangement. The keyboard player is Aydın Esen. Not so famous for someone who was called the best keyboard player by Chick Corea.

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