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Wolfgang Muthspiel

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  1. jazznan

    One of my favorite all-time musicians, new videos posted, check out the 'round midnight (there's a similar Kurt rhythmic figure at about 3:34

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  2. wow.amazing take.thanks for posting.

  3. so good, if you haven't got the real book stories record you should check it out. He is so under rated, I have always really dug his playing.

  4. monk

    i love wolfgang
    i heard him first on bbc radio and he is just amazing
    he has a classical guitar background and it really makes his take and compositions much more interesting

  5. Steve Cardenas is also a wonderfull guitar player and maybe underated..

    check out his beautiful composition :

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    Magical rainbow ponies
  6. Steve Cardenas is amazing, he is one well kept secrets in my opinion!!!!!!!
    Thanks Cardenas for your music and great playing!!!




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