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  1. cruxtable

    knew he was good at a young age, but didn't know he was that good at age 20.. looks like most of those guys are still recovering from the 80s, though.. there's another video of just scatter.

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  2. docbop

    Scatter was done in 94 so Kurt was 24. Also by 1994 Kurt had already recorded with Gary Burton, Seamus Blake, and in 1994 also recorded with Mark Turner and Paul Motian. Kurt started playing piano at age 9 and start guitar a 12 so by the time he did Scatter he had already been playing music 15 year and guitar 12. From the Jazz teachers I've talked to it takes about 10 years of playing to get to a pro level. So if you look at most who are good musicians at a young age, started playing at a young age. As someone on another forum would say "time on instrument".

  3. kurtisrosenwinkel

    you have your info wrong docbop. we recorded Scatter in 1990. i was 20. i had been playing guitar for 8 years. crazy how time is, its like watching a different person who's memories i have.

  4. docbop

    I was going by date on online and the berklee interview. Thanks for the correction.

  5. arewolfe

    10 years to get to a pro level? Where do I sign up!!

  6. jorgemg1984

    Yeah count me in too... I just love these "absolute truths".

  7. "... it's like watching a different person who's memories i have "... beautiful!

  8. skiadikt

    very cool. thanks for putting this up. 8 yrs amazing ... i've been at it for nearly 50. guess in another lifetime ...


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