WTB: Moffa slot

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  1. monk

  2. fakejake

    Cool, what model are you interested in? I ordered an Arch Lorraine about a month ago. 15 months waiting time....
    Can't wait to get it!!!!

    Contact us
  3. Benny

    I have a Maryan due this summer. I can't wait either!

  4. fakejake

    awesome benny. what specs are you going for?

  5. Benny

    I put a deposit down last January, initially for a Dark Lorraine but subsquently changed my mind and switched to a Maryan (after buying a Gibson ES339 that satiated my semi-hollow GAS). I am content to leave the exact specs of the Maryan to Nico (he's the expert). I have requested the same honey colour as Kurt's Maryan.

    I have seen both Kurt and Hilmar Jensson play their Moffas up close (and briefly played Jensson's Dark Lorraine). Great instruments. I'm confident we'll both be happy.

    Kurt, are you gigging with your Moffas much these days?

  6. monk

    hey fakejake, im interested in a double cut acoustic archtop, no sure what the model name is

    Magical rainbow ponies
  7. fakejake

    The double cutaway acoustic is in fact the Arch Lorraine model that I ordered. I played Kurt's old Arch Lorraine a few weeks ago and it was just MIND BLOWING. The best guitar I ever played, in terms of sound, feel, craftsmenship + looks. I have no Idea why Kurt sold it, but presumably the D'Angelico fills all his needs in terms of thinline archtop sound. AFAIK, Kurt had 4-5 Moffas but sold them all save the big Maryan one he used on Reflections.

  8. contremisart

    good lord you guys make me jealous. here i am trying to play full house on a musicman jpx 7 :)


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