XOTIC X-Blender vs Lehle Parallel L

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  1. djcuvcuv

    I am in the market to buy a parallel/bypass pedal such as the aforementioned. I can't find a comparison of the two anywhere and I was wondering if anyone has any experience with both and can give a comparison of two. Sound quality/integrity is my foremost concern.
    I know the Lehle is roughly 100 USD more expensive than the X-Blender, and it also does not have the EQ functionality like the X-Blender. Is the sound quality really so much better in the Lehle that despite it having less functionality than its competitor, it still sells for 100 USD more? What could account for the price disparity?

    Any and all info is much obliged.


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  2. jorgemg1984

    Kurt is using these now I think


    The Lehle is good, never tried the Xotic.

  3. Joxo

    Got the x-blender and unsed the Lehle. They are both good. Cant say thats they sound any diffrent wich is kind of the point. It`s a mixer ! Anyways the x-blenders have a booster and a Eq that is very usefull. For me anyways.

    By the way , i think a lot of people use them in the wrong way. The effect u sent in to it must be all wet . If its not you get phase issues.

    Good luck


  4. djcuvcuv

    Thanks for all the info guys. This does help. Because I intend of getting a standalone EQ pedal, and the WetBox is absurdly expensive, I think that the Lehle is my go to for the moment.

    Kurt, if you happen to stumble upon this thread, would you be willing to give me a quick breakdown of why you've used different parallel mixers and what your thoughts are on each? If you can recommend one which you feel has the highest quality, please do so.

    Thanks man


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