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  1. My goodness yes!!! Great post!

    Wow, Mark is so thoughtful about how he approaches his art-form. And that is likely why his music and compositions are going to be in the jazz history books. I still get goosebumps when I listen to Dharma Days. Was Mark wearing that shirt on the cover of the album? That's OK, blue suits him.

    I used to live in the same neighborhood as Mark, and would pass him on the street, but it never felt right to just start blathering about how big of a fan I am. I wish I had, now that I look back. Thanks for the great music Mark!

    This record looks great. I think Mark will also be on a duet album that Ben Wendel is assembling

  2. PS I appreciated Mark's thoughts on everyone working harder without a piano (harmonic instrument). Of course I LOVE the pairing of Kurt and Mark, but I think my favorite Kurt albums don't have a piano. Jus' sayin'. Nothing against the piano, in any way.

  3. Mark is also on this record coming out next month along with Bill Frisell.

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