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    Hi everyone,

    Recently I started listening to this guy : Yotam Silberstein. Pretty good guitarist.
    He's a mixture of Peter Bernstein and Gilad Hekselman.

    But what strikes me is that some of his lines (especially at fast tempos) sound like Gilad's lines a lot. I was wondering - since the guys are around the same age, are coming from Israel and came to NY around the same period - if they influenced each other or is that an "israelian" thing ?
    I mean listen to the album "the next page" from Yotam and if you can't hear a Gilad thing in that !!
    Maybe Yotam influenced Gilad but Gilad brought his own thing in another field and now they don't play the same kind of jazz (Yotam is in a more "traditional post bop" kind of thing ala Bernstein and Gilad is a more modern thing).

    Maybe someone knows more and would like to share his opinions about this? Maybe somebody knows Yotam a bit ?

    Anyhow this topic raises the question of influences among peers and how someone (or maybe it's not someone but a community) brings a new flavour in a musical scene.

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