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your favorite delay pedals?

(25 posts)


  1. c0ltrane

    What is your favorite delay and why? I recently had my pedal board stolen and figured this is a good time to try a new delay.

    I was using an eventide timefactor. Great sounds and love the way it affected my tone in a very subtle way, but had some issues with the levels changing on their own during jam sessions.

    I'm currently looking at the Empress super delay and pigtronix echolution....these pedals tend to be a bit of overkill with all the different functions, but when you find that one tone you're looking for, they're worth the money.

    Any suggestions? Any thoughts on analog vs digital delays?

  2. Sandemose

    I have a friend that just bought a T-REX Replica and it sounded really great. I myself often feel saticfied with whatever junk I come across. I even settle with the reverb in lousy comboamplifiers so you perhaps should trust my word that much. Still, the T-REX sounded awesome. I myself use BOSS-DD3 and feel really okey with it. It got knobs, there for I can use it. I also use a T-REX Tonebug Reverb for reverb and Im gonna buy a Xotic BB-preamp for distortion I think. Cheep Roland Volyme/Expressionpedal.

    Kurt seem to experiment quite alot with these things. Would love to hear his thoughts about this.

    Best, Sandemose

  3. c0ltrane

    Thanks for the reply Sandemose. I know kurt has been messing with TC electronics delays, diamond memory lane, timefactor, and line 6 I think. Btw, check your youtube inbox!

  4. c0ltrane

    Just checked out some youtube demos of the T-REX replica, and man does it have a natural sound. Very simple too. Thanks for the recommendation. Decisions decisions...

  5. andyjazz

    Another one to possibly try is the MXR Carbon Copy. It's just a basic analogue delay, very minimal features compared to the Timefactor, but has a great sound. Also, it's relatively inexpensive compared to others.

  6. I've been using the diamond memory lane 2 for a couple of months now and its really great.

  7. kurtisrosenwinkel

    eventide time factor is the shit, but it doesnt have auto volume swell. i miss that about the echo pro but that thing breaks all the damn time. diamond memory lane is a great set and forget delay.

  8. Digital with a lot of effects:
    Eventide Timeline
    Empress Superdelay (Proguitarshop Edition)

    Digital with analog Tape Delay Feel:
    Skreddy Echo (really, really good)

    Analog with Tap Tempo and Modulation...:
    Diamond Memory Lane
    Malekko 919
    Analogman ARDX 20
    (Not yet released: MI Audio Analog Delay, Empress Analog Delay)

    Basic Analog Delay:
    Malekko 616
    Rocket Ride First Echo on the Moon
    Retro Sonic Delay

  9. viktoraigner - there is going to be an Empress Analog Delay?? That sounds awesome!

    I'm currently trying to find out wheter to buy the Timefactor or the Superdelay ... Really difficault, they both seem amazing...

  10. kurtisrosenwinkel

    empress delay was buggy when i tried it.

  11. Yeah, there's an Empress Analog Delay on the way...
    And there's also a very interesting EHX Deluxe Memory Boy coming out.
    And sorry, I forgot an important one: The Toneczar Echoczar!!!

  12. tritone75

    I have used different ones and struggled with what to get. Since Jan I have been using the Dunlop Carbon Copy. Its a great warm delay for 150 bucks! Mine did break when it was 1 month old and I had to send it back to get the diodes changed. Regardless, check it out!

  13. riverstooge

    I'd say whichever delay pedal that's being used on Reflections Vol 1. is "buggy" as kurt be on topic, anyone check out the "Memory Boy" delay, it has an expression pedal input which would be cool. I haven't heard any feedback though.

  14. maybe it's worthy of its own thread but how about reverb units? i'm after something that can do a huge, cavernous type of sound. i made a clip with my pod X3 that more or less showcases the sound i'm after; . i overstated the reverb here a bit on purpose but i hope you guys get the idea.

  15. Sandemose

    liquidsswords: everyone seem to have the Lexicon LXP-1/5. Ben Monder, Kurt, Bill Frisell, John Scofield, Jonathan Kreisberg etc. I myself use T-REX tonebug reverb pedal. Very cheap, and I guess its decent.

    best, Sandemose

  16. riverstooge

    Btw, I realized my joke didn't land anywhere but in my head...I was punning on whatever is delaying the release of the new album, not kurts delay or sound. His sound is the shit and certainly wad beyond that when I saw him in DC.

  17. Interesting post!
    I just was wondering if I could use the Eventide Timefactor or the T-rex (or any other delay pedal with MIDI connection) to SEND tempo sync to my Lexicon MX200 so i could sync its effects to the tempo tapped in the pedal. Has anybody tested it?
    The Lexicon delays sound pretty good but this unit does not admit tap footswitch nor tap midi message, it would be perfect to use it's delays and chorus among with a good "analog" delay in sync (eight notes vs triplets etc...).
    May be someone knows any other stompbox capable of send tempo sync...
    Thank you very much.

  18. Line 6 Delay module :)

  19. applebum

    What about the new Nova Repeater?? It seems good and cheaper than the other. I didn't try it, so, if someone did......

  20. animitta

    Just bought a Nova Repeater, actually it is a gift from my lovely wife, for my coming birthday.

    BTW : thanks mds90 for the hint about this pedal : ).

    I have never had a delay before and so i can't compare with other brands but i am really happy about.
    What can i say? This thing is amazing. The sound is marvellous the functions are clear and simple. Yes, it has not the preset function that someone could consider "a must" but for me, i dont care so much.

    I am still experimenting with it but i can easily suggest this machine to everyone who needs a good delay with a great sound and not so expensive.

    All the Best

  21. geetarted

    The eventide and t.c. stuff are great. I have the lexicon unit too, but have been going back to the boss space echo with an expression pedal on all gigs. The Boss floor version of the Roland space echo takes some time to get right, but is worth it. Great sounds and can get aggressive too.

  22. Quintricacy

    I have a Marshall Echo Head. I use the reverse delay function and keep it low in the mix and it sounds great. I'm trying to work with my RAT pedal at the moment, I really want some clean sounding distortion if you get what I mean. Still have to mess around with some stuff.

  23. Sandemose

    BOSS DD-3, its awesome. Its kinda like a delay, the notes repeat is some unexplainable way. Its awesome.

    Best, Sandemose

  24. Kapteinar

    I love the Retro Sonic analog delay. It's wonderfull, but you don't have a lot of options. Wich you might excpect from an analog delay.
    The boss delays are also great, but some of them tend to suck your tone. But that's why you have loopers and buffers.

    Right now I'm using the Line 6 m9 for all my delays, and I love it. Great delays, great features, easy to operate.


  25. Benny

    I can recommend the Malekko 616 for an analogue delay. Excellent construction quality, external modulation controls and reasonably priced. It's small enough to put in a gig bag pocket if I don't want to carry my TC Electronic Nova System. I much preferred it to the MXR Carbon Copy, which is a similar size and price.

    I also have the Electro Harmonix Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai (great for weird sounds, not so intuitive as a basic delay) and the Line 6 DL4 (the footswitches on mine have worn out and need replacing).


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