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  1. mikelorenz

    buy the mel bay's in there.

  2. filters

  3. thanks a lot!

  4. Gezz

    Hi Guys,

    Just to let you know, that where the Zhivago file comes from, there is some more Rosenwinkel transcriptions. Check it ou at:


  5. fabguitare

    Hi Guys,
    I just achieved my own transcription of this tune here:

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    Maybe it'll help :)

  6. senggedorje

    Someone above mentioned buying the Mel Bay book as a source for a transcription of Zhivago. But I saw in a review of the music books one can find at Amazon criticism that the transcriptions aren't accurate. Can anyone on this forum speak to that? I would be interested in buying the books if I thought the guitar parts were fairly nailed down.

  7. I believe this has been discussed in another thread. I remember poporad commenting on poor enharmonic misspellings being one of a few glaring issues. Poporad also did the music engraving for Ben monder's book ( which is excellent ) -among other exhaustive work teaching playing reading and writing , I'd hold his thoughts on these matters in high regard.

  8. slimdave

    Hi there.

    I'm trying to find the transcription of 'Zhivago'. The links above don't work. Can somebody help me out?

    Thanks in advance.

  9. geetarted

  10. Bluewaterpig

    I own the Mel Bay book of Kurt's transcriptions. I don't remember looking at Zhiavago, but I looked through most of this book just because I was astonished at how inaccurate the transcriptions were. I honestly don't know how Corey Christiansen (credited as the transcriber) was allowed to have this thing published. It's embarrassing how many mistakes there are and most of the time it's a pretty basic mistake. The chord symbol analysis is wrong too. If you're a competently educated musician, you can at least use the materials in the book to get a starting point and then transcribe the rest yourself.

  11. slimdave

    Thanks a lot geetarted! Now I got it.

    Regarding the transcriptions book, I was thinking about getting, but after your comments, I think I'll pass...

  12. Hi, can someone help me with this file:,
    it's a trascription in Sibelius software

    Can someone open in pdf format and share?


  13. PaoloBach

    The transcriptions book contains a lot of wrong notes too...

  14. can you save it in PDF or something similar and email me

  15. Gezz

    Here is the new link for scores (like from Kurt Rosenwinkel and much more)

  16. sam

    `Has anybody transcribed the interlude in Zhivago after Kurt's solo on the big band version? The drums drop out, and there's an arrangement of horns accompanying him as he plays a variation on the melody. I'm looking for the horn parts in particular, as I want to perform this version.


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