ZT luchbox Jr. Good clean tone for practicing?

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  1. PFDP


    I need a really small amplifier with a good clean sound.

    I found the ZT Lunchbox jr. Has anyone try one?...For the price and the size ( nevermind the watts, it is just for practice in different places) if it has a good clean tone, it would be a good option.


  2. jamacy77

    Dear PFDP,

    I own two ZT amps, the acoustic Lunchbox

    and the one for electric guitars.

    I don't know the jr. model.

    For what they are, I'd say they're great amps for low volume and practicing. However, I'd NEVER bring that to a concert or a louder rehearsal.

    If you use an archtop, definitely go for the acoustic lunch box. It's worth it to pay the difference.


    Magical rainbow ponies
  3. arewolfe

    They are great amps. I use mine on my solo gig because it's 40 pounds lighter than my Supersonic. Definitely suitable for practicing.

  4. PFDP

    Thanks guys,

    I asked about the jr because it is so small and portable that is very suitable for what I need, But I hate those small amps with horrible sound.

    For playing live I use a Henriksen or a twin reverb ( lately always the Henriksen because of the weight).

    So what I looking for it is just a very small amp to practice alone, with a backing track maybe. The Jr is the smaller and cheaper of the ZT models...

    I have an archtop and a semihollow, but as I said...it is for practicing use only!!! :-)

  5. jamacy77

    I would get the acoustic Lunchbox if I were you...but... give it a try before you buy.


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