• “Beatrice” (Sam Rivers)

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    <p>Caipi as you like! <a href="">Read the whole review at</a></p> <p><em>&quot;...Caipi feels less specifically like a jazz, rock, or even Brazilian fusion album, and simply like a Kurt Rosenwinkel album -- otherwise unclassifiable. As Rosenwinkel sings on &quot;Little Dream,&quot; &quot;Always we have to go our way/There is no other way/We have to go our way/And I know that we can live/And be together, on....&quot;</em></p>

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    <p>Dear Friends,</p> <p>It is with Immense Joy and satisfaction that I announce the Pre-release sale of my new album “Caipi”. This is a work that has been coming for ten years, and so much great energy and heart from many amazing people has gone into this. I am so excited to see how this music goes into the world and does its work, Angels work. We will be touring extensively this year so I hope to see you out there in your town. Pre-order the album at: <a href="" target="_blank">Link</a></p> <p>Love to all,</p> <p>Kurt</p>