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    <p>Caipi as you like! <a href="">Read the whole review at</a></p> <p><em>&quot;...Caipi feels less specifically like a jazz, rock, or even Brazilian fusion album, and simply like a Kurt Rosenwinkel album -- otherwise unclassifiable. As Rosenwinkel sings on &quot;Little Dream,&quot; &quot;Always we have to go our way/There is no other way/We have to go our way/And I know that we can live/And be together, on....&quot;</em></p>

  • Two Jazz Visionaries Join Forces

    <p><strong><a href="">Razdaz Recordz</a> hosts Kurt Rosenwinkel’s new independent label, <a href="![">Heartcore Records</a></strong>](/storage/app/media/cropped-images/razdaz_HCR-0-0-0-0-1480090369.png)</p> <p>Through this new collaboration we are delighted to be working with Kurt and his new record label. With our established distribution partners, Razdaz with Heartcore Records, will continue to release music that is of the highest quality and integrity and most importantly for all of us, totally driven by the artists themselves.</p> <p>“I am pleased with this new partnership and collaboration. <a href="">Avishai Cohen</a> is an artist of great depth and vision and a clos...</p>

  • Blue Tokio Note

    Rehearsal session for Shun Ishiwaka CLEANUP TRIO meets Kurt Rosenwinkel !!


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